Sample Poetry

The Child

You have spat in my face 

Not once, but twice  

Me a child all of 14 

Who dared to confront your madness   

You throw me against the door 

Pin me down 

Pummel my face with your fist

Then try to degrade me one more time

With the vileness of your phlegm

Wounded yet pride in tact

I AM able to walk away

The Age of Innocence

Still a girl, not yet a woman  

You try to reduce me to nothingness 

I hear the whizzing of golf balls passing by my head

Rapid succession one by one 

Your aim is off

I AM protected by forces you will never know  

I claim a golf ball as a trophy 

A reminder that I won 

You cannot bring me down  

With any objects from your arsenal of pettiness ​

Into Adulthood

I reach adulthood  

Still naive  

I let you into my life  

Unbeknownst to me 

Your mask of deception  

Hide dalliances that disguise your true nature of viciousness   

You look me in my eyes 

Then spit on me with a corrupt sense of reverence  

Waiting for my reaction  

You do it again  

This time I strike back 

Spinning into a world of unconsciousness

The slap of my ancestors

The force of hundreds of years of abuse and mistreatment  

I have the power to walk away 

Leaving you in wonderment  

You cannot control me 

You cannot belittle me  

You cannot manipulate my physical or mental being Into a rag doll or puppet on strings 

You see

I AM your beast of burden  

Your forefathers' forefathers' fathers created me ​